REAM YEP organised a technical visit to Rawang ByPass project on 3 February 2016. Rawang Bypass project is being built to enhance the Level of Service of the current Federal Route 1 ( towards Rawang Town ) and Rawang Town from the current rating of F to C rating with minimum social impact and minimal disturbance to the environment. It is also to reduce the traveling time from Serendah to Kuala Lumpur from two (2) hours to thirty (30) minutes during peak hours and to spur the economies of Rawang, Serendah, Batang Kali and stretches to Tanjung Malim town. Furthermore, the allignment of the road crosses part of the famous Kanching reserve forest and recreational park. The design concept elevates the structure across the reserved forest to reduce disturbance to the existing green area. It will also reduce conventional cut and fill method of construction that would inevitably necessitate extensive felling of trees, as well as cutting and filling of the slopes. The design also allows for the free flow of wild life from both sides of the road in addition to mitigating other impacts on the eco-system and avoiding the denudation of the existing vegetation, replacement with turfed slopes and paved roadways which would cause an increase in surface run-off due to the reduced percolation into the ground thus contributing to future flash floods downstream. Three types of elevated structures were designed for the project: - using movable scaffolding system or MSS from abutment A to tier 50 - using a combination of long span prestressed box girder bridge and standard precast beams from pier 51 to 55 - normal section use Precast Beam and Slab from pier 55 to Abutment B Furthermore, the foundation of these piers was dug using hand dug caisson method which is the manual digging by workers ranging from 1.7 meter diameters to 6.0 meter diameters down to maximum depth of 48 meters. Participants gathered at JKR Headquarters in Jalan Sultan Salahuddin, Kuala Lumpur for registration and briefing at 8.30 am. They were then brought to project site by bus arranged by REAM. The project team brought the participants to project site entry at Serendah. They were then taken to the construction area by 4-wheel drive vehicles. The participants were briefed by the project officer, JKR Senior Assistant Director Encik Abdul Rahim bin Mohd@Mokhtar. The first stop at the construction area was on the constructed elevated structure that started from Serendah. This 2.8 km elevated structure using movable scaffolding system or MSS is 60% complete and the work is still going on to this date. Participants were briefed on the operations of MSS which is being used for the first time in Malaysia. The next stop was at ground level, where participants viewed the pier of the elevated structure from below. The pier design is unique. The choice of double column piers with immediate tie beams for tall piers are selected to act effectively as a frame structure for economy of the substructure works and allow the minimal use of pile caps. This is also a concept to reduce the need for slope cutting which would require larger pilecaps.The tallest pier constructed was 65 meters which is considered to be the tallest for roads in Malaysia. The third stop was at the abutment B where the project connected to Federal Route 1. This elevated structure uses a combination of long span pre-stressed box girder bridge and standard precast beams and slab. The participants then headed to site office for lunch and formal briefing. As a token of appreciation to the project team, REAM YEP Chairman Ir. Hamzah bin Hashim presented the certificate of appreciation to Encik Abdul Rahim bin Mohd.