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I / we wish to purchase the following publications :

1. Guidelines for Road Drainage Design (5 volumns)


i.Hydrological Analysis - Estimation of Design Floods - Volume 1

RM 10.00
ii. Hydraulic Design of Culverts - Volume 2 RM 10.00
iii.Hydraulic Considerations in Bridge Design - Volume 3 RM 10.00
iv.Surface Drainage - Volume 4 RM 15.00
v. Subsoil Drainage - Volume 5 RM 10.00
2. Guidelines on Bridge Aesthetics RM 30.00
3.. Guidelines for Works Related to Public Utility Installations Within the Road Reserve
RM 10.00
4.. A Guide on Geometric Design of Roads RM 10.00
5. Guide for Bridge Inspection RM 20.00

6.Guidelines to the Design of Plain Concrete Pavement
Part 1 - Concrete Pavement Selection
Part 2 - Thickness Design of Plain Concrete Pavement
Part 3 - Specification for The Construction of Plain Concrete Pavement

RM 10.00
7. Guidelines on Traffic Control and Management Devices
Part 4 - Pavement Marking and Delineation
RM 15.00
8. Guidelines for Planning Scope of Site Investigation Works
for Road Projects

RM 10.00
9. 5th MalaysianRoad Conference 2002 Proceedings RM75.00
10. 6th MalaysianRoad Conference 2004 Proceedings RM 75.00
* Handling and postal charges (if required) RM 10.00


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